Update:    September 22, 2007


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First off, a HUGE THANK YOU!!!
for the great response to our herd dispersal sale -- we're simply delighted with all of you great folks who have provided new homes for the HMH breeding herd, and we look forward to meeting the last few of you who wish to take advantage of these outstanding color, conformation, and disposition bloodlines.  We're so happy for ALL of our new HMH owners!

We at Hi Mountain Hollow regretfully announce that after more than 25 years of successfully breeding registered Foundation Appaloosas, we can no longer keep up with the demands of time and hard work it takes to raise obedient, family-friendly companion horses.  We have one experienced, bred black leopard mare and one few-spot black leopard filly still for sale to the best breeding, sport, and pet homes we can find for them.  These beautiful animals offer incredible foundation pedigrees, and excellent color production records with very strong black and white and leopard bloodlines.  We have applied the most stringent conformation and disposition standards throughout the history of the HMH program.  These horses are family safe and easy to handle, easy to catch, and no vices.  Please visit our sale page for more information.

Thank you to all our friends and HMH horse owners who have supported us through two-and-a-half wonderful decades of Appaloosa joy.

An important note about Foundation Pedigree Designation Registration & Hi Mountain Hollow:  We are often asked why we don't put ApHC's "FPD" designation on our horses.  The reason is a simple one.  Everything we own and breed are FPD eligible.  But why should we pay more in registration fees to "prove" that our horses are of purer Appaloosa blood than most of what you will see in any ApHC show ring?  It's not the $20 fee, it's the principle of the thing, and we stand by our principles, and by our breed.

Our Golden Retrievers are all AKC champion-bred in recent generations.  We proudly offer the legacy of our late senior sire, Canadian Champion Verdoro's Windjammer, --his physical beauty and tremendous temperament-- through his sons and daughters, now infused with additional strong champion bloodlines from recent additions to our kennels.  Our junior sire is the son of American Kennel Club Champions on both sides of his pedigree.  Quite simply, our Goldens are bred to be your best friend, through a long and healthy life.

New this year to Hi Mountain Hollow are our AKC registered Shih Tzu babies!  Like all the members of the HMH Family, these beautiful little companions, too, are carefully selected for health, temperament, and conformation.  We usually have puppies and young dogs to offer to loving family homes.

Finally, through the services of the beautiful AKC Landseer Newfoundland sire One Ton Two Tone Dually, we occasionally offer Golden-Newf cross puppies for those looking for the spectacular temperament of two breeds known for their family-friendly, loyal and hearty personalities, without quite the size of a giant breed.  "Dually" is also available for pure-bred stud services to approved Newfoundland bitches.

We hope you will add our site to your list of favorites, and we encourage you to check back here often for information, annual foal crops, and great photos.  Feel free to contact us with your request, and we'll send you photos, information, and sales lists, or we'll be happy to book your appointment for a visit!

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